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Valentine's Day Food Pantry Fundraiser

Make a donation as a Valentine's Day gift for someone you love and help feed a family in need!

We LOVE our community here in Gillette. We love that when someone is in need, there are many people reaching out a helping hand. This Valentine's Day, we are asking for your help to stock the food pantry. January, February, and March are typically the months that we receive the lowest donations, despite housing more people during the coldest months. 

You can donate in a loved one's name for Valentine's Day and help us raise money for the food pantry. With all the Valentine's Day funds raised, we can order 3 times as much food from the Food Bank of Wyoming than when purchased in the grocery store. All donations made for Valentine's Day will get a handwritten card, and we can put the name of the person you are making the gift for.

Help feed a family and give a loving gift! Your donations stay local!