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A Letter From John

Dear Ms. Scott and everyone at CCS – 

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for all your assistance. I have been living bare-bones for some time. And when the furnace went out, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I do not feel poor – in fact, I feel blessed – yet, the numbers argue otherwise. 

After going through two treatments and being diagnosed with Stage IV (which I think was a misdiagnosis), I am now relatively healthy. Yet, in the process, I went through every asset I had – including the small principal in any and all pension and retirement funds. I actually got a letter from the Mayo Clinic saying in so many words, “I’d get all your affairs in order if I were you.” So I am beyond fortunate and try to keep a sense of humor.  

I am simply flabbergasted at what y’all have done for me. Krystan Wheeler was my initial contact and helped me get through the immediate breakdown and arrange for the furnace replacement. She was always kind and considerate – not once did I feel minimized or marginalized. Which is something that keeps people in my situation from asking for help. 

When Joe Kosma came over from Kosma Heating & Air Conditioning, he was equally kind and generous. I was exhausted, worried, and willing to forego heating for the time being, but he said, “Absolutely not!” His positivity was the best medicine a person could ask for. And I needed it at the time. 

And when Brandon Steele came over to inspect the installation, he was helpful and wanted me to know about additional LIEAP / CCS programs for which I might qualify. I am forced to ask myself, “Is everybody at the Council of Community Services like this?” And, I suspect, the answer is “Yes.” Because such a climate builds upon itself. 

Again, thank you so very much.