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Community Needs CSS More Than Ever

The past year brought significant challenges and changes to our community in Gillette, Wyoming. Rising inflation and housing costs placed greater burdens on vulnerable individuals and families. Yet, amidst these difficulties, the Council of Community Services remained a beacon of hope, offering vital assistance to those in need. Here is a glimpse into the impact we made in 2023.

Addressing Hunger

Soup Kitchen:  Served 16,284 meals, a 14.77% increase from 2022. This translates to over 2,000 additional meals.

Food Pantry: We saw a surge in demand for pantry assistance, giving out a total of 3,128 pantries, a 17.95% increase compared to the previous year. This support reached 1,044 households, representing a 38.1% increase.

Community Assistance

Medical & Dental Assistance: Although there was a decrease in demand for medical and dental assistance in 2023, we remain committed to supporting individuals facing unexpected healthcare costs. We distributed $35,156 in assistance, ensuring crucial medical and dental care remained accessible.

Clothing & Furniture Vouchers: The need for essential items soared, prompting a 209% increase in vouchers distributed for clothing, furniture, household goods, and school supplies. This amounted to $17,450 in support in 2023. 

Weatherization: 219 homes received weatherization services, a 25.14% increase, helping people stay warm and save on energy costs during the winter.


Shelter: The most significant increase was in nights of shelter provided, jumping by 80.46% to 11,091 nights. This represents an additional 4,945 nights of shelter for those experiencing homelessness. Nights of shelter provided to children doubled, highlighting the growing vulnerability of families with children. The average number of clients per night surged by 76.47%, averaging 30 per night vs 17 in 2022. 

Understanding the Context

These service increases occurred against the backdrop of rising inflation. Wyoming's second-quarter inflation rate in 2023 was 4.3% and 10.1% in 2022. We believe these economic factors contributed to the heightened demand for our services.

Looking Ahead

The Council of Community Services remains steadfast in its mission to support our community's most vulnerable individuals and families. We are committed to adapting and expanding our services to meet evolving needs. By working together, we can build a stronger, more resilient Gillette where everyone has a chance to thrive. Your support is crucial to our mission. Consider donating, volunteering, or advocating for policies that address poverty and homelessness. Together, we can create a brighter future for Gillette.