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Preventing Food Waste: A Community Effort in Gillette, Wyoming

Food waste is a significant issue across the United States, but in Gillette, Wyoming, the Council of Community Services is taking proactive steps to combat this problem. As part of Food Waste Prevention Week, we are excited to share some of the important initiatives we are taking in our community.

One such initiative involves participation in the Feeding America program. Every day, our dedicated staff take our donation truck to local grocery stores and businesses to rescue perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste. This food, which might have minor imperfections or be nearing its sell-by date, is then distributed to those in need through the food pantry.

However, even with these efforts, some food items still risk going bad. That's where the concept of "chicken boxes" comes into play. These boxes, assembled by the pantry staff, contain produce and other items that may no longer be suitable for human consumption but are perfect for feeding farm animals. Through partnerships with organizations like 4-H and other community members, these boxes help ensure that food doesn't go to waste while simultaneously supporting local agriculture.

Additionally, the Council of Community Services has implemented measures to address expired food donations. By weighing expired food received during food drives, we can better assess the impact of such donations. This data enables us to educate the community about the importance of donating non-perishable, unexpired items, ultimately minimizing food waste and maximizing resources for those in need.

Food waste prevention isn't just about saving food—it's about maximizing resources, reducing environmental impact, and fostering a stronger, more resilient community. Through these initiatives and ongoing partnerships, Gillette is making strides in the fight against food waste, one box at a time.

To learn more about the Council of Community Services and our efforts in food waste prevention, visit our website or reach out to our dedicated staff.

Together, let's work towards a future where no good food goes to waste.