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Grow A Little Extra Program and Food Pantry Needs

Donations Needed: fruit, yogurt, granola bars, milk, cheese, monetary donations.

As we approach the end of the school year, there is an increased need for donations at the food pantry. With kids out of school, there's a higher demand for snacks and quick meals. Healthy options like fruit, yogurt, and bars are especially appreciated, providing children with easy-to-access nourishment while parents may be at work.

During the summer, food pantry donations tend to dip, making every contribution even more valuable. In addition to non-perishable items, monetary donations go a long way, allowing us to stretch each dollar further through partnerships with the Wyoming Food Bank. Your support helps ensure that our shelves remain stocked with essential items.

Moreover, we're excited to share information about the Grow A Little Extra program. Through this initiative, individuals can receive free seeds from Extension offices to cultivate their own produce. Any surplus harvest can then be donated to local food pantries, promoting the availability of fresh produce for our clients.

For more details about the Grow A Little Extra program and ways to contribute, visit Together, let's continue supporting our community and ensuring that everyone has access to nutritious food all summer.