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Wanda Koffler’s Inspiring Journey and Scholarship Award

Wanda Koffler, the Way Station Program Supervisor for the Homeless Shelter at the Council of Community Services, has recently been awarded a scholarship for the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) National Conference and Capitol Hill Day in Washington DC. Her dedication to ending homelessness, combined with her personal journey of resilience, is a testament to her passion and perseverance.

Wanda’s commitment to helping those facing housing insecurities is deeply personal. Having survived homelessness herself, she possesses a profound understanding of the challenges individuals and families face. Her lived experience not only fuels her passion but also provides invaluable insights into effective support and advocacy.

This summer, Wanda was awarded a prestigious scholarship to attend the NAEH National Conference and Capitol Hill Day. This honor recognizes her compelling story and contributions to the field. Wanda will join a group of individuals with lived experience and expertise (PLEE) from across the nation to share best practices and innovative solutions for ending homelessness.

Wanda is excited about participating in this national conference and collaborating with experts and peers from around the country. She is eager to bring back fresh ideas and insights to the Council of Community Services, further enhancing our efforts to support the homeless community in Gillette.

Wanda’s journey has been profoundly impacted by CCS. She shares, “Working with the amazing leadership and staff here at CCS has been a saving grace for me. I had never heard the term ‘lived experience,’ let alone felt valued for my experiences during the darkest times of my life. It was one of those topics ‘we don’t talk about.’ Because of the leadership and mentoring I’ve received here at CCS, I am very passionate about helping others rediscover their value while facing similar struggles. If I can, you can!”

Wanda’s story is not just about overcoming adversity - it is also about rebuilding a life filled with joy and purpose. She has reestablished meaningful relationships with her children, grandchildren, and extended family. Her hobbies, including traveling, enjoying the outdoors, arts and crafts, gardening, and spending time with her trusty sidekick Beau Dog, an Australian Shepherd, bring her immense joy and fulfillment.

As she steps into this new chapter, we eagerly anticipate the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas she will bring back to our community. Wanda’s story reminds us that with support, mentorship, and a passionate heart, anything is possible.